I first received Internet access in August of 1995, when I started my undergraduate education at the University of Calgary. Beyond being able to explore the vast amounts of information available online at that time, the University also allowed a very small amount of room for every student for a personal webpage (2 megabytes!) Naturally, I quickly created my first webpage, and requested more space on the server (10 megabytes). The first website had no background, no title…or much of anything except for some horizontal lines. Beyond that, a few pictures from my favorite movies; Star Wars, Blade Runner, and course Aliens. The first Alien picture I displayed can be seen to the right — click on the picture for a larger version!

At the University there was a free scanner. When I found out about this resource I went there with some movie magazines and scanned everything I could for a few hours, mostly movie posters and some articles. This included some ALIEN magazine pictures. One of the items was a large advertisment for ALIEN 3, that I clipped from the local newspaper. Click on the picture on the left for that scan. After scanning other film items I realized that I had quite a lot of info that was not yet on the Internet, ranging from ALIEN interviews to pictures to old magazines and books… and I felt that other people might want to read these. My goal was to share all the information I had in a central hub that would become a resource for everyone who wanted it. My motivation was accelerated with the upcoming plans of a fourth Alien film (Alien Resurrection). The website was first online in September of 1995.

Flashfoward to mid 1997. I had a plan where I would program a certain amount each night to prepare for the launch of “Alien – Aliens – Alien 3 – Alien Resurrection — A Resource Page.”

After the website went fully ‘online’ in August of 1997, new content has continually been added. Beyond a breif hiatus while taking my MBA, and for other aspects of life, I will continue to update and add information as it comes my way. I enjoy reading emails from people around the world, and providing original content on the vast Internet. This website has allowed me to be creative and share among all Alien film fans.