*Which best-selling award-winning science fiction author tried his uncredited hand at a script for ALIEN 3? William Gibson. In his version Ripley spent most of the film in a coma.


*– Richard Edlund, George Gibbs II, Alec Gillis, and Tom Woodruff were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual Affects for ALIEN 3 in 1993.

*– ALIEN 3 was made for 70 million dollars,(or $50 million, depending who you talk to. (Internationally, it was a box-office success.)

*– Although the alien that hatched from the dog was a rod puppet, early filmed tests used an actual dog in an alien costume.

*– ALIEN 3 has a rather rare arcade game made based on it, entitled ‘Alien 3: The Gun’. Current known locations are:
– 6 Flags over Georgia (near the ‘Scream Machine’), just outside Atlanta
– Buffalo Bill’s casino, on the Nevada/California border (The casino with the desperado roller coaster)
– Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas.
– Disneyland in California has one, in the Space Mountain arcade.
– Scottsdale, Arizona has one. As Josh says: It is in scottsdale on Scottsdale road and it is south of Bell… but only by a few blocks. It shouldnt be that difficult to miss.
– Dublin, Ireland has one in an arcade called Dr Quirk’s. (Robby: “It’s a very fun game.”)
– The Grand Prix Race-O-Rama in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida has one [thanks bug stomper!] – ‘Sandy Balls’ in Coventry (England). Also, if you put in a Pound you get 99 credits!
– GGSTU found it at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland (in Southern Ontario, Canada).

*– Chris Cunningham, the music video-director extroidinare, also worked on Alien 3. He helped sculpt the Alien for the movie, based on H.R. Giger designs. His amazing video work includes Bjork (All is Full of Love), Aphex Twin (Come to Daddy, Windowlicker), Madonna (Frozen), Portishead, Squarepusher and more.

*– ALIEN 3 made $55.473m (US) during its domestic theatrical run.

*– ALIEN 3 has made $31.762m (US) in rentals.

*– ALIEN 3 was Filmed in Studio Location of Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Bucks (UK)

*– Sigourney Weaver was paid about $5.5 million for her role as Ripley in Alien 3.

*– Charles Dance was originally cast as Brother John by Vincent Ward [Refer to the Background and Script area] and the producers. After Ward left and David Fincher came aboard the project, he was asked to stay aboard because they were so impressed with his talent. Although his role was changed into Alien 3’s Clemens, the two characters are quite similar.

*– The Vincent Ward script [see above trivia entry] was actually approved by Fox at one time, and was to be helmed by David Fincher. Sets of Arceon were actually under contruction when the studio pulled the plug. The plug was pulled for a few reasons: 1) Budget 2) Fox was not comfortable with all the religious overtones and the fact that they just couldn’t understand why a bunch of monks would be in space 3) they wanted Sigourney to be the focus of the film. In this script, John is clearly the protagonist. [A HUGE pat on the back to jach1005 forposting this back in mid 1997!]